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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Order Two for California Sheriffs Compliance on Personal Release of Funds sent Sept 2016

Order Two for California Sheriffs Compliance on Personal Release of Funds sent Sept 6, 2016

Sent: Tue, Sep 06, 2016 11:28 AM

We The People, California Sheriffs and Larry Klayman,

Order Two for California Sheriffs Compliance on Personal Release of Funds

Spread this around as "Order Two is effective September 6, 2016."

This Order Two is made by We The People to the California Sheriffs to comply with present Laws and Resolutions and get their own funding back to where the “Discharge of Debts” are to be confirmed, as the waiting for the RV/GCR, N.E.S.A.R.A., and Prosperity Programs seem to be out the window for now, including the recent G20 Agreement in China signed by General Joseph Dunford for you People in the United States, but those funds still may not get to you till October 2016, so with this Order Two the Sheriffs are to take the proper actions for themselves to Comply for which has been in effect for 83 years already.

"If the September 2016 G20 Agreement and Treaties are for United States citizens and not We The People then the signing is Non-Constitutional and invalid per the 1789 United States Constitution!"

"Since the banking fraud has been going on by the Corporation Governments at all levels for even 155 years then it is best for the California Sheriffs to act on this Order Two ASAP to prevent themselves and others from being arrested by the Republic United States Marshals when they get to you."

"De Jure Sheriff Daniel Mahnke is offering Amnesty and/or Immunity for All who Comply if immediate actions are taken and enforced by the Sheriffs to the Lawful recipients, primarily the Halting of foreclosures and All banking fraud for which the Creditors are We The People since at least 1933, including yourselves, and this also includes those that have been prosecuted and incarcerated by the DOJ."

Contracts were recently offered to the Sheriffs and others dealing with the 12 USC 95 a(2) of 1917 and House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933 yet those Contracts have been refused, thus this Order Two must come into effect on behalf of We The People.

This is Daniel Mahnke on how he is presenting his Order on these items, from my previous emails on the Contracts Offered, that the De Facto Corporation Governments implement on you as a US citizen, Corporation, Slave, and Dead Person which you are a True Living Being per the 1789 USA Constitution, therefore once you even present my Order to your Sheriff and County officials then they are obligated to take actions on Sheriff John McMahon of San Bernardino County, California and his state officials for NON-Compliance.

Order Two for All 58 County Sheriffs of California
by All We The People in California for Compliance on
the Personal Release of Amounts, Data, and Funds on the Issuance of
12 USC 95 a(2) of 1917 and House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933
with the Birth Certificate Trust Account and SSN or this is an
Official Citizen's Arrest Warrant on All 58 County Sheriffs, Inclusive!
'Declaration of 1861 Civil War Over with 2016 Peace Treaty'
Has Been Refused on the Offered Previous Contracts!
September 6, 2016

Yet you should make a similar one for your County Sheriff, but I think even my comments as De Jure Sheriff at the beginning can help your Order out for your Sheriff to Accept it as well, and I included my Oath.

Go ahead and send this Order Two by certified mail to your Sheriff, U.S. Marshal, Secretary of State, County Board of Supervisors, and anyone else of importance, including the Wells Fargo CEO working on the RV/GCR.

State UCC Filings -- The way you want it
Non-UCC Filing - All 50 States

Some documents can be found on the nesaranews website:

Order One for California Sheriffs on new United States Note sent Sept 2016:

AFFIDAVIT on Sheriff John McMahon for A.B.A. LIEN sent Dec 2015:


Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:

12 USC 95a(2) Regulation of transactions in foreign exchange of gold and silver; property transfers;... Oct 6, 1917 (Discharge of Debt)

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933:

The BOE A.B.A. LIEN of $279,000,000,000,000 filed Oct 2015:


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