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The Statutes-at-Large Vol. 12 with Lincoln started with Recording in July 1861, thus everything after that was Unconstitutional, read that

Friday, September 2, 2016

Order One for California Sheriffs on new United States Note sent Sept 2016

Order One for California Sheriffs on new United States Note sent Sept 2, 2016


Sent: Fri, Sep 02, 2016 12:24 PM

We The People, California Sheriffs and Larry Klayman,

Order One for California Sheriffs on new United States Note

The "new United States Currency of the United States Note, which reports are coming out that the banks are already handing them out as Official on September 1, 2016, to then replace the old Currency of the Federal Reserve Note as the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM is Bankrupt and Closed Down," yet there has been no Open Public Announcement to We The People for which Law Enforcement may be called on these People for making purchases or exchanges with the new Currency and the recipient was ignorant of that, as well as the Law Enforcement taking their actions, even arrests.

"This is an Order written by the only reported De Jure Sheriff of San Bernardino County, California State that has provided an Oath to We The People and to his De Facto County officials to represent the two million People in San Bernardino County as well as the 38 million People in California as I, Daniel Mahnke, represent All We The People, for this Order One is effective September 1, 2016."

Therefore, this Order is to have the Open Public Announcement made for ALL We The People, in at least California, to be told they are available and legitimate, or else an Official Citizen's Arrest Warrant on All 58 County Sheriffs, Inclusive, is automatically issued if now unlawful actions are taken on We The People for having the new United States Note.

Order One for All 58 County Sheriffs of California
by All We The People in California for Compliance
on Acceptance of the new United States Note as the
Replacement for the Federal Reserve Note or this is
an Official Citizen's Arrest Warrant on All 58 County Sheriffs,
Inclusive, and then All Law Enforcement that do NOT Comply!
September 2, 2016

You can make your own documents for your own county and state, yet you can still use this for any unlawful actions that were taken for the use of the new United States Note.

Some documents can be found on the nesaranews website:


Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776:

12 USC 95a(2) Regulation of transactions in foreign exchange of gold and silver; property transfers;... Oct 6, 1917 (Discharge of Debt)

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933:

The BOE A.B.A. LIEN of $279,000,000,000,000 filed Oct 2015:



  1. In an effort to help awaken the people, what are your thoughts for focusing on some of the earliest events the founders performed.

    1.) 1783 they agreed the King of England shall be the Arch-Treasurer and Prince elector of the united states of America. Explain what that did for the King in regard to receiving the spoils of war. After all If we won the war and plenary independence then why is the KING made Arch-treasurer and Prince Elector of the United States of America, and why were the people not recognized as free, sovereign and independent by Esquire/Mason Ben Franklin as our representative? (A most important of all omissions)

    2.) 1789 the very First Act of congress was to change the wording of the Preamble/title of the Constitution for purposes of taking the oath of office. Therefore no one has ever taken an to "the Constitution for the United States of America".

    3.) 1791 George Washington enacted the War Power Act to bail out the King not We the People. The Act was never cancelled allowing it to used by Lincoln and Roosevelt.

    4.) 1796 Tripoli, America Was Not founded on any Christian Principals.

  2. continued
    Are not these the events that caused the settlers to lose the right to own their land with Allodial Title/Deed. Why were only the Englishmen's land ownership protected? We must re-address Allodial Title/Deed. A system of real property law in which individuals may fully own all the rights associated with property and dispose of that property as they wish. The system had been evolving for many centuries, but the theory and the term were first clearly articulated by Thomas Jefferson in 1774, when he argued against an attempted land grab by King George III and used the theory to provide one of the supports for the American Revolutionary War. Contrast the allodial system with the feudal system, in which the sovereign owned all land and could grant usage rights to others, but those rights were revocable at will. Read your mortgage documents. We are now listed as Tenants and pay rent in the form of taxes and fees. Don't pay those taxes and fees, you lose your property and the government seeks another to pay rent.

    Lost the right to choose their form of currency and banking. Thanks to Washington's War Power Act and First Bank of America the FED..

    Lost the right to choose their form for Rule of Law. There is a book on The Common law for America as entitled 'Colonial Law, by Reinsch', he sums up what the Thirteen Colonies considered to be the final bases for all law in America or ever to be in America... "the colonies were so impressed with the idea of an overruling law of nature that the laws of God and so-called natural laws were regarded as the true laws, and all temporal legislation was considered to be binding only in so far as it was an expression of this natural law"
    Yes, back then there were some white hats. James Wilson, the foremost lawyer at the Constitutional Convention, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a man who was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1789 by President Washington was well familiar with this legal principal stated above called Natural Law and stated; "Parliament may, unquestionably, be controlled by natural or revealed law, proceeding from divine authority".

    constitution sates every state shall have a Republican form of government. First Breach of their employment contract (constitution) and without penalty. Yet a Republic was never described in any document with the responsibilities to it. So how can you return to what never was. It this why Franklin answered and probably in a gestured chuckle "a Republic if you can keep it". He knew the truth as all the founders did by reading the 1783 Treaty and also knew of the First Act of Congress as their CYA breach protection.

    Nesara, don't you think this would stimulate the people's brain cells to help awaken them to the deceptive foundations America was really built on? And it is these events that need the corrective actions as they are the cause for all other crimes perpetrated on us by a government we didn't know we have till this day.

  3. Yes, it has been the British has had the control since 1776 and it has gotten worse over the years, but different Republic groups are working on getting it put back in place if not make the proper actions to get it implemented as it was never done in the first place, like for papers not being filed properly or at all.
    But the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation are the two most important papers that We The People make us Sovereign with our rights and land ownership.