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The Statutes-at-Large Vol. 12 with Lincoln started with Recording in July 1861, thus everything after that was Unconstitutional, read that

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Statutes at Large, Volume 85

Statutes at Large, Volume 85

Statutes at Large Vol. 85, 1971, pages 2-958
92nd Congress 1st session Jan 21, 1971 to Dec 17, 1971
_____Front Matter (Cover & Lists), pages i-xxx
_____Public Laws, pages 3-815
Pages ii, iv, xx, xxii, xxvi, 1, 6-8, 355-357, 359, 660, 816-958 are missing

Statutes at Large:

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 85, 92nd Congress, 1st Session, pages 2-958
_____Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1971, pages 819-821
_____Proposed Amendment to the Constitution, pages 825-826
_____26th Amendment to the Constitution, pages 829-830
_____Private Laws, pages 833-859
_____Concurrent Resolutions, pages 863-870
_____Proclamations, pages 875-958
_____Guide to Legislative History, pages A1-A11
_____Tables of Laws Affected in Volume 85, pages B1-B58
_____Subject Index, pages C1-C49 
_____Individual Index, pages C51-C52
_____Treaties and Conventions, pages missing?
_____Executive Orders, pages missing?

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