This is where you can see some of those Documents that made us a Republic, and others that put you where you are at under the Corporation

The Statutes-at-Large Vol. 12 with Lincoln started with Recording in July 1861, thus everything after that was Unconstitutional, read that

Friday, August 21, 2015

Statutes at Large, Volume 54

Statutes at Large, Volume 54

Statutes at Large Vol. 54, 1939 to 1941, pages 2-1238?
76th Congress 2nd session Sep 21, 1939 to Nov 3, 1939, page 3
76th Congress 3rd session Jan 3, 1940 to Jan 3, 1941, page 13
Page 1 is missing, and 1010-1046 duplicates, 1228-xxxx missing?
Reorganization Plans, pages 1231-1238?
Index pages missing?
Part 2; pages missing?
_____Private Acts and Resolutions, pages missing?
_____Concurrent Resolutions, pages missing?
_____Treaties and Conventions, pages missing?
_____Proclamations, pages missing?
_____Executive Orders, pages missing?
Index pages missing?

Statutes at Large:

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